About us

High-quality lighting products

Design following the latest trend

Cooperation with world's leading suppliers

16 years of experience


Zarlight - is a company operating in the market since 2007. Since our foundation, we have been successfully providing our services with care and respect to customers all over the world. Through our love of business and attention to detail, we create long-lasting and friendly relationships with our customers and partners.

We have now earned a reputation as a professional lighting manufacturer. Online store - Zarlight offers its customers a modern lighting own brand, which enjoys great interest and popularity among customers. Proper use of decorative elements will help to give the interior an individual uniqueness, to emphasize the beauty and comfort of the house.

In cooperation with designers, architects and developers we create projects of any complexity, from private apartments to large objects. By participating in the development of architecture and creating an interior design culture together, we are proud of the future we are creating together.

It is the play of light and shadows creates an atmosphere of coziness and luxury, emphasizes the classic and modern forms and gives the setting a special character. Lighting Zarlight. Perfectly copes with the solution of practical and artistic problems, combining the aesthetics of the idea with the quality of performance.

Use the products of our brand to create an original design when decorating an apartment or private cottage. Beautiful light models can help refresh and update the finished interior of the house, giving it a special charm and a touch of novelty.